Interactive Fiction

Okay, so they call it Interactive Fiction nowadays, but it's still Text Adventures for me!

Here are some good starting points for those new to interactive fiction...
Komencanta Gvidilo al Interreagema Fikcio / A Beginner's Guide to Interactive Fiction
A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction

The original Zork trilogy and The Undiscovered Underground that you played on your VIC20 a long time ago are now free downloads for DOS, available from Activision! But Zorks II & III must have been zipped with one of those fancy new GUI zippers, because they wouldn't selfextract under DOS or Windows 3.11, even though they are DOS programs. (I had to unzip under Windows 95 to play them in DOS; that's just not right.) But they're kind of hard to find there (though it's theoretically easier since they added a search function) and as of 8 March 2001 the download links were broken. A better place to look was The Zork UnderGround Academy, which also had walkthroughs for all the Zork games, and other info as well, but it got trashed by a "server outage" and restoration was not possible. So I rezipped the games and have included a walkthrough or FAQ that I found for each one. When you unzip, be sure to restore the directory structure; Zorks 1 through 3 have a datafile in a data subdirectory, and by default want to save savefiles in a save subdirectory... and the datafile and the default savefile have the same filename!

The first three can also be found at the downloads page.

Those and more can be found at The Zork Library.

The Infocom Masterpieces CD and Lost Treasures II are available at Interdata Developments. The site also provides transcripts and keystroke-by-keystroke solutions (Warning: extreme spoilers!) and links to related sites.

IFWiki - The Interactive Fiction Wiki


>xyzzy - Responses ("The Esperanto game, La Insulo Texel, tries to be helpful by replacing 'x' with 'sh' and 'y' with 'jh' in the player's input, resulting in this bizarre exchange:
> shjhzzjh

News - for play - for development - faq!


001 Game Maker
ADRIFT- Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit
ADRIFT- Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit
AGS - Adventure Game Studio
AGS Games
Aventuro - (esperanta) ( (Texel?)
Inform 7
Inform Programming Page (uk)
Inform auf Deutsch
Inform auf Deutsch (angle)
Informazioni - Il sito Web italiano di Inform
The Vile Zero Errors from Hell (inform)
Alan, list
TADS, - community
Erasmatazz Storytron - Interactive Storytelling Tools
Choice of Games - ChoiceScript
Quest Wiki
Quest - play online
Wintermute Engine


Vim comes with Inform syntax highlighting! But if vi (even an improved version) is not to your liking, visit my editing page anyway for some other suggestions.


ADRIFT- Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit
ADRIFT- Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit
Aventuro - En Esperanto ( (Texel?)
Infocom interpreters
Frotz - A Portable Z-machine Interpreter
IF for the PalmPilot
Parchment - A web-based Z-machine interpreter

ADRIFT Adventures
ADRIFT Adventures
Archiv deutschsprachiger Interactive Fiction
Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive
Adult Interactive Fiction Games


The Colossal Cave Adventure page
'Adventure' downloads

Bastard Operator From Hell

BOFH - Official Archive
BOFH - Interactive Fiction!


The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Play Colossal Cave!
Parchment in Action
Quest - play online


Infocom, The Master Storytellers
Unofficial INFOCOM Homepage


Adventureland (mirror)
Adventure International Memorial
Adventure Collective
Brass Lantern
CAAD, Club de Aventuras AD
Chalybes Galacnet : Starrider - Interaktive Fiktion
Get Lamp - The text adventure documentary
Glk: Interface Standard for Interactive Fiction
Glulx: 32-Bit Machine for IF
Humbug & Jacaranda Jim - Graham Cluley
IF games - Adam Cadre - Interaktive Belletristik
ifMUD : A MUD Forever Voyaging
Interactive Fiction Competition
Interaktive Belletristik
letteratura interattiva (itala)
Magnetic Scrolls Memorial
New Adventure Shell
PDD's Adventure Page
Santoonie Corporation
Scott Adams' Adventure game writer home page
The SPAG Page - old (very)
The SPAG Page - new
XYZZYnews Home Page
Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
Zarfhome : Interactive fiction

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