Kelkaj filmoj de la Mihmiverse estas dublitaj en Esperanton!
Several Mihmiverse films are dubbed into Esperanto!

Ĉina Radio Internacia

Humuro TV Esperanto

Esperanto Muziko TV


Esperanto TV

Esperanto 2.0 TV

Flying an octopus

Historiaj filmoj de Joachim M WERDIN


A&E - Arts & Entertainment
AMC - American Movie Classics
British Broadcasting
Deutsche Welle
Dinner and a Movie
Discovery Channel Online
TLC Discovery Channel Online
The History Channel
Nick Jr.
Public Broadcasting Online
Trinity Broadcasting Network
TCM Turner Classic Movies
TV Guide Online
TV Land
WBNX - Cleveland
WEAO/PBS Channel 49, Akron, Ohio
WNEO/PBS Channel 45, Youngstown, Ohio
WVIZ/PBS Channel 25, Cleveland, Ohio


Jane Horrocks


ALF - Alien Life Form

'Allo, 'Allo

Cafe Rene - The Credits
Cafe Rene - The Pictures


(WARNING: Somebody in the USA decided to create a domestic Coupling. (Far easier, I suppose, than squeezing out an original idea!) It was cancelled soon after the premiere. NBC's entertainment chief, Jeff Zucker, remarked that Coupling was NBC's "biggest mistake of the season... some of our programming just sucked". (I watched a few episodes on YouTube later, and it really isn't that bad. Some scenes are quite funny. That laugh track, though... not only annoying, but often laughter when nothing funny happened!))

Coupling from the BBC

Doctor Who

The Companions' Home Page

Fawlty Towers


Freakylinks - At
Lisa Sheridan - At

Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island
Bob Denver's Gilligan Fan Club
Dawn Wells - Her own website - In Memory of the Skipper

In The House

In The House - UPN at vidiot

The Jetsons

The Jetsons - Toonopedia

Killer Tomatoes

Killer Tomatoes Website
Killer Tomato Website

Lost in Space

Fish Heads

Malcolm in the Middle

Life is Unfair
Malcolm in the Middle - Titles and Air Dates
TKTV: Malcolm in the Middle
TKTV: Malcolm in the Middle: Episode Guides

Married... With Children

Married... With Children
Al's Christmas Song
Christmas Song For Al
Bundy the No Man

No, Honestly

No - Honestly
A Titles and Air Dates Guide


Bob Newhart
Tom Poston
Newhart at Wikipedia
The Bob Newhart Show at Wikipedia

Pamelyn Ferdin

Pamelyn Ferdin Official Site
Pamelyn Ferdin Web Page

Pete & Pete

The Website of Pete and Pete
The Adventures of Pete & Pete - at Wikipedia
Hey Sandy - at Wikipedia
Ceci n'est pas une pipe? All is pipe! ...
The Magritte Site

The Powerpuff Girls

Official PPG Homepage
Heroes & Villains - Soundtrack - Amazon

Rowan Atkinson

Official Rowan Atkinson Website
Official Mr. Bean Website
Blackadder Quotes


Square Pegs

Square Pegs - an episode guide


Thanks - at Wikipedia
Thanks Episode List - at
Let us now give "Thanks" some praise - review by Sarah Vowell

I have decided in hopes of lifting the spirits of the community to hold a gathering in the shop tonight. Everyone's invited. There will be music and, well, not dancing, because that's a sin. It will be a, well, not a party, because that would be wrong. But I assure you we'll have lots of, well, not fun, because that's against everything we stand for...

The Thin Blue Line

The Three Stooges
Soitenly Stooges


TREMORS 2: Aftershocks Official Fan Page
The Ultimate Tremors FAQ

Miscellaneous Shows

The Unofficial Addams Family World Wide Website
Amanda Please!
Eerie, Indiana - at Wikipedia
Family Ties - Sitcoms Online
Hawaii Five-O Episode List
It's About Time
Knight Rider
Lion King
Max Steel
Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol
My World and Welcome To It
The Partridge Family
Official Peanuts Website - Charles Schulz
The Red Green Show
The Rockford Files
Rocky Horror Picture Show
South Park Episode Guide
Take A Letter, Mr Jones
The X-files Episode Guide
Zoobilee Zoo!

Miscellaneous Miscellany

Abbott and Costello
The Big Cartoon DataBase
Comedy Guide at BBC - Britcoms and Others!
The Digital Village
Dogme 95 - Episode Guides
The General Coffee Company Film Productions
Melissa Joan Hart -
Internet Movie Database
Andrea Marcovicci - Actress and cabaret singer
Shokus Video Catalog/Vintage Commercials
Sitcoms Online
TV ACRES - Ultimate Subject Guide to Television
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